Valentin is a Multidisciplinary Designer with a working range from Graphic Design, Typography and Visual identities to Interaction Design or Development. His practice is built to be long‑lasting, intelligible and founded on sincere discussions. In the past, he collaborated with A.P.C., Dior, Kering and Ohlman Consorti, among others. Lately he has been working in-house within the Saint Laurent Image team in Paris.

Since 2019, Valentin has been working at Saint Laurent for the Graphic Design team within the Image Department.

He has been working projects on the global identity and visual system; working on the bespoke typography or the global visual systems, among other. Confidential matter.

Kino Kino Kino Cinéclub

is a film club, which takes place in Clermont-Ferrand, focused on the scandinavian cinema. Since 2017, it is continued by the artist Roman Girardeau in his own workshop in the suburbs of the city. The graphic system is based on a precise iconography extracted from nordic archives. The purpose of these images is to gather graphic documentations relevant to the theme and the period of the films.

Les Playlists Urbaines

Roman Girardeau’s experiences with urban noises 
and crowds; within a complete sound quest.

Cinéma Garage

is a future independent arthouse located in Chambéry in eastern France. I worked on a proposal for its visual identity.

Terra Incognita

The Terra Nova Expedition, officially the British Antarctic Expedition, was an expedition to Antarctica which took place between 1910 and 1913. It was led by Robert Falcon Scott and had various scientific and geographical objectives. This book presents a selection of articles exclusively written by the specialist Paul Ward

Rekonstruktion der Zukunft

Appia is best known for his many scenic designs for Wagner’s operas. He rejected painted two-dimensional sets. Through the use of control of light intensity, colour and manipulation, Appia created a new perspective of scene design and stage lighting. This book is a recap of his life toward the Modern Theater.

Peter my love, Countryside

This is a special project for the artist Siri Vensen. She displays her intimacy, proposing the sounds she recorded.