128 rue de l’Ouest, Paris 75014, France

French graphic designer and developer, I work within all the fields of graphic commu­nication whether it is printed or digital matter, of any and every kind such as books, posters, signs, visual identities, among others. I also have a distinct interest in deve­lo­ping websites.

With a strong focus on con­ce­ptually aspects and typography-driven solu­tions, I aim a clear legible message with a clear font choice and a precise sele­ction of ico­no­graphy.

I prioritise co­mmi­ssioner’s story, posture and back­ground over any si­gnature style. I don’t believe in templates and on every project I expect to think an appro­priate and satisfy­ing work, con­stantly rele­vant to the client’s context.

References and positions 

2016now Freelance graphic designer/developer, EU
20182019 Art direction studio Ohlman Consorti, Paris, FR
20162018 MFA in Graphic design, EESAB-Rennes, FR
20162018 Ornaments: tools and systems master’s thesis
2017 Spector Books, with Markus Dreßen, Leipzig, DE
20132016 BFA in Graphic design, EESAB-Rennes, FR
2015 Commando Group, design studio, Oslo, NO
2013 Foundation year, Clermont School of Art, FR

Developement skills

Responsive design and mobile adaptation
Cross-browsers transparent compatibility
Front-end frameworks, CSS preprocessors
Content management systems (CMS)
Newsletter services and MailChimp installation
Social media plugins and third party APIs
SEO optimization and traffic analytics tools


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